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In our health crazy society, the use of supplements for any number of things is widely talked up.

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Fireworks and Thunderstorms

It’s that time of year when fireworks are common for celebrating many special occasions. Many pets can show fear and or anxiety from fireworks, as well as loud thunder during summer storms.

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Avoid the Pukes of Hazard

Summer is here, and that means that many people will be driving to visit or go on holidays. In my opinion, one of the greatest joys of pet ownership is going on a road trip with your dog.

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Hot Summer Days

Here are some tips to prevent your pet from the hot sun!

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Don’t Let the Flu Get Your Dog Down

When I first started working in the veterinary field “doggy flu” was a fictional disease. Unfortunately, this fiction has become a reality in the past couple of years.

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Stash the Treats!

On every October 31st, children gather together to celebrate their favourite holiday of the year – Halloween.

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