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We offer a wide variety of surgical services – from routine spay & neuter services to more complicated soft tissue surgery services (such as mass removal, bladder surgery, eye surgery, dental surgery, etc.). We do not offer any orthopedic surgeries.

Do surgical patients require an overnight stay?

An overnight stay in the hospital is usually not needed but that depends on the patient and the surgical procedure that has been done. We want our patients to be in their home environment as soon as it is safe to do so. Staying in the hospital can be stressful for the pet and we want them to be with their family and in a space that is relaxing for them. If the patient must be hospitalized, we try to make the stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Your pet will be kept in a quiet, warm area, with a cushy bed and soft lighting.


Rescue Dogs: Overcoming Unwanted Behaviours

Since the COVID pandemic has arrived in Canada (and around the world), we have seen a spike in pet adoptions. This is an amazing thing – for the new pet owner and for the pet.  However, one of the other spikes we see on an almost daily basis at the hospital is the need for new owner to attach “a story” to their pet's behaviours – particularly in the instance of “rescue” dogs.  In rescue situations, many of the dogs arrive with unknown histories and many of the dogs demonstrate specific or generalized fear and anxiety.

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