Don’t Forget the Cats!

As veterinary professionals, we tend to see many more dogs in-clinic than we do cats, even just for routine visits. Often, owners don’t think that there is anything wrong with their cats, because they tend to hide their illness. Cats are very good at disguising that they are sick. Often, once an owner notices that something is visibly wrong with their cat, an illness has severely progressed.

This is one of the reasons why it is very important to have your cats come in for an annual exam. Early detection of most illnesses can prolong your cat’s life and overall wellness. Most of these illnesses can be managed with food or medications, and in some cases, both are required.

As for our outdoor feline friends, it is even more important to have them come in on an annual basis, as they are at higher risk of exposure to things like intestinal worms, viruses, catfight/bite wounds, and many other things.

For August and September, we will be offering one free dose of deworming with one feline exam to help encourage owners to bring their feline friends in for a visit!

Written by RaeAnne, RVT