The OSCAR Fund

We are going to be hosting a fun-filled event in August with our sister clinic, Baxter Animal Hospital. The day is going to involve a dunk tank, in which our very own veterinarians will be available for dunking. There will be a barbecue and a garage sale too. We’re hosting this event to raise money and awareness for our OSCAR Fund. This blog is going to explain the origin and purpose of the OSCAR Fund.

The “OSCAR” part of the name stands for Offering Subsidized Care for Animal Recovery. The fund is named after a real-life “Oscar,” who was adopted by one of our Vet Strategy sister clinics in British Columbia in 2002. Oscar was at their local SPCA branch, and the team at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital adopted him at their clinic greeter. He adapted extremely to his new position as clinic greeter, cuddles and overall friendly face for clients and patients. The team decided to start a fund to help sick or injured pets in need, and they named after Oscar because he had a knack for knowing when someone was in need of a little compassion and extra cuddles. Unfortunately, Oscar passed away in 2013, but his memory lives on as a representative for all pets looking for their ‘forever’ homes.

The OSCAR Fund is a charitable fund designed to assist animals in need some of the cost of veterinary treatments. Each Vet Strategy clinic is responsible for managing their own individual OSCAR Fund for their patients. We will be accepting donations for the garage sale until August 20 – items can be dropped off at Cambrian Animal Hospital or Baxter Animal Hospital. Check out Cambrian Animal Hospital’s Facebook in the coming days for further details about start times and the events taking place on August 25 to raise funds for our OSCAR fund. Please join us on August 25 at the Baxter Animal Hospital location (1060 Lorne Street, Sudbury) for a fun-filled day to raise money for this worthy cause!

Written by Shanon, RVT