Moving with Cats

As exasperating as moving can be, no one in the household feels this more intensely than our feline friends. As creatures of habit, the noise of moving and adjusting to a new environment can make them anxious.

Here are a few tips to help reduce the stress your cat feels during a move.

Before the move:

Taking out their crate/carrier a few days prior helps them get used to it and be more comfortable with the idea of getting into it.

On the Day of:

  • Before you start loading up your truck clear out a room as far from the noise as possible and set up their things (litter, food, toys, etc.). If possible, its best to set them up in a room where one of these things is usually housed, the idea is to be surrounded by as many familiar things as possible.
  • Once you’ve got your stuff all loaded and its time to ready the cat, I find it best to get their stuff packed up (in an easily accessible box) and then get them into their crate.
  • During the drive to your new home leave them in their crate, this prevents them from dashing out of the car when you stop and keeps them in a familiar/safe space.
  • Once you have arrived at your new home, set your furry friend up in a room of their own with a door that closes, let them get used to their new surroundings slowly. Make sure to set up the litter, food and water, even put a few toys.

I hope this is helpful when you plan your next move!

Written by: Melanie, ACA