Support Canadian Blood Services

The staff at Cambrian Animal Hospital proudly hosted a blood donation drive the week of January 22 – January 26, 2018, at Canadian Blood Services. 

Hosting a blood donor clinic helps to spread awareness and to help encourage the public to give life-saving donations.  Blood donations play an important role in many aspects of our healthcare system.  We are all aware of the need for blood in traumatic events (such as car accidents), but blood donations also play an essential role in cancer treatments as well.  224 blood donors are required every week in the Sudbury region, but unfortunately, less than 4% of eligible Canadians donate blood.  We were inspired to help change that low percentage.  To encourage donors to come in to give blood while we were hosting the clinic, we offered each blood donor a discount off the cost of a physical examination or vaccination on their pet.  Blood donors also had their name entered into a draw for a gift basket which was awarded at the end of the week.

The staff at Cambrian Animal Hospital decided to go as a group to make their donations.  It was fun to give as a group, and the team made a game of seeing who could fill their donor bag the quickest.  The staff at Canadian Blood Services made the experience comfortable and enjoyable.  A great time was had by all while we were making an essential donation!

We didn’t get pictures of each staff member (they filled their bags too quickly for the camera), but you can see the smiling faces of some of our staff during their donations.

If you have any questions about Canadian Blood Services or who you might help when you donate blood, please visit We are sending out a big thank you to everyone who gave a lifesaving donation during our recent clinic.  Thank you for showing our community we have the Power to Give Life!

Written by: Anne Huard, Practice Manager