Winter Walks with Your Pooch

With the cold temperatures that we’ve been experiencing lately, winter can have many risks for our pets while outside. Even though it is cold most dogs still need their daily walks and here are eight tips to keep your pets safe this winter!

1. If you have a long-haired dog, try to keep to hair between the toes short, ice can form underneath their paws and this can cause discomfort during their walk
2. Booties are always a good idea -snow and ice can dry out their paws
3. Always wipe their paws after a walk to make sure no salt or ice melt chemicals before they licked them
4. On cold days keep the walks short-if they start licking or lifting their paws take them home
5. Having a winter coat or sweater can be very useful-it protects them from the windchill and from getting wet or chilled.
6. Try to stay on the sidewalks on a chilly day -letting them walk in deep snow could chill their belly.
7. If you can try to walk during the day-sun might be out and it would be warmer.
8. If you do walk at night please make sure to have some type of reflectors for people and vehicles to see you.

Walking your dog on a cold winter day is not easy but it helps to keep them healthy and happy.

Written by: Anne Huard, Office Manager