Senior Bingo!

Every few months we like to focus on a different aspect of pet health. For October and November, we will be focusing on senior pets. It is important that as pets age, that they are examined on a yearly basis and in most cases, annual blood work is also recommended. We want to keep our older pets comfortable, and some have diseases that require medications to control or treat.

Did you know that animals, on average, are considered a senior at the age of 7? They still have a long life ahead of them, but we typically like to recommend doing yearly bloodwork starting at this age as we tend to start seeing changes with their kidneys and liver as well as other diseases can begin to develop. We want to catch these things as early as possible to start either treating or managing whichever disease is present.

Did you also know that the most common medication that a senior pet requires is a joint supplement AND an anti-inflammatory? We want to keep our older pets as comfortable as possible, and joint disease is something that we know is always going to happen at one point or another. Starting your senior pet on these supportive medications can alleviate a lot of their discomfort and provide them with the support that they require.

Please join us on November 7th, 2018 from 6-8pm for our Second Annual Senior Bingo Night where we will be playing many fun rounds of Bingo with many fabulous prizes to be won! We will also combine our Bingo games with some Senior Pet Trivia to help relay some vital information about our senior pets!

RaeAnne Emmell, RVT