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Veterinarian holding a black and white cat

Cat X-ray

Radiographs allow our veterinarians to get a snapshot of some of the internal processes going on in your cat. Radiographs cannot detect everything, but they are a very important diagnostic tool for our veterinarians.

What is the technology?

Radiographs are created when a beam of electromagnetic radiation is passed through a body part onto an x-ray sensitive plate. The plate is developed, and the image produced allows our veterinarians to view internal structures. We have a digital x-ray unit which allows our veterinarians to manipulate the image to get even more detail.

How much do cat x-ray cost?

The cost of radiographs is quite variable depending on how many x-rays need to be taken, which part of the body needs to be viewed and if there are multiple areas that require x-raying. Please contact us to discuss your pet’s specific needs.


Rescue Dogs: Overcoming Unwanted Behaviours

Since the COVID pandemic has arrived in Canada (and around the world), we have seen a spike in pet adoptions. This is an amazing thing – for the new pet owner and for the pet.  However, one of the other spikes we see on an almost daily basis at the hospital is the need for new owner to attach “a story” to their pet's behaviours – particularly in the instance of “rescue” dogs.  In rescue situations, many of the dogs arrive with unknown histories and many of the dogs demonstrate specific or generalized fear and anxiety.

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