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Dog X-ray

Our clinic is equipped with a digital radiology system. This system allows us to get extremely good quality images while minimizing your dog’s exposure to radiation. Good quality images are essential for our veterinarians to evaluate your dog’s condition.

How do you use radiology services at your clinic?

Our veterinarians review the radiographs to aid in the diagnostic evaluation of your pet. The images can also be transmitted electronically to veterinary specialists for further evaluation and assessment.

How do you prepare your dog for their x-ray appointment?

Preparation for a radiographic appointment depends on many factors because it depends on the reason for the x-ray. In cases where the radiograph can be planned ahead of time, we will inform you how to prepare your dog for the radiograph. Pet owners should be aware that they will not be present while the radiographs are taken because of the radiation exposure.

How much do dog x-ray examinations cost?

The cost of an x-ray examination depends on many factors, such as how many radiographs are being taken, if sedation is required to achieve the best image, the areas of the body that need to be radiographed, etc. Please contact us directly to discuss any questions about radiographs and your dog.


Rescue Dogs: Overcoming Unwanted Behaviours

Since the COVID pandemic has arrived in Canada (and around the world), we have seen a spike in pet adoptions. This is an amazing thing – for the new pet owner and for the pet.  However, one of the other spikes we see on an almost daily basis at the hospital is the need for new owner to attach “a story” to their pet's behaviours – particularly in the instance of “rescue” dogs.  In rescue situations, many of the dogs arrive with unknown histories and many of the dogs demonstrate specific or generalized fear and anxiety.

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