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New Pet Owner!

Considering I am only 17 years young, owning an animal seems as if it could be compared to being a new parent. I adopted two 5 week old female kittens, and I was filled with excitement and a sense of responsibility considering my mom made it very clear that the kittens were mine, as is the food and vet bills. Immediately I got my babies the proper development food and vaccinations. I never expected to look forward to paying for items other than clothes, but there is something about being a pet parent that almost excites me to bring them to vet because I know that I am doing the most I can for them as well as making sure that they receive the care they need. Working at a Veterinarian clinic I learned quickly how much TLC a cat really does need; my partner and I make sure we trim our kittens’ nails once every 2 weeks so that they get used to being in an uncomfortable situation for a short period of time and so they learn to behave when being handled by veterinarians/techs. I make sure that my kittens receive everything they need, regular vet visits regardless of the cost and lots of kisses and love.

Written by: Sarah Jean, ACA



Rescue Dogs: Overcoming Unwanted Behaviours

Since the COVID pandemic has arrived in Canada (and around the world), we have seen a spike in pet adoptions. This is an amazing thing – for the new pet owner and for the pet.  However, one of the other spikes we see on an almost daily basis at the hospital is the need for new owner to attach “a story” to their pet's behaviours – particularly in the instance of “rescue” dogs.  In rescue situations, many of the dogs arrive with unknown histories and many of the dogs demonstrate specific or generalized fear and anxiety.

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