Cat X-rays

A non-invasive procedure to detect abnormalities within the internal organs.

Radiographs allow our veterinarians to get a snapshot of some of the internal processes going on in your cat. Radiographs cannot detect everything, but they are a very important diagnostic tool for our veterinarians.

What is the technology?

Radiographs are created when a beam of electromagnetic radiation is passed through a body part onto an x-ray sensitive plate. The plate is developed, and the image produced allows our veterinarians to view internal structures. We have a digital x-ray unit which allows our veterinarians to manipulate the image to get even more detail.

How much do cat x-ray cost?

The cost of radiographs is quite variable depending on how many x-rays need to be taken, which part of the body needs to be viewed and if there are multiple areas that require x-raying. Please contact us to discuss your pet’s specific needs.

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