Fecal Exam for Cats

Fecal examinations can reveal potential digestive issues from diarrhea to worms in the stool.

A cat fecal exam is important to ensure that your cat is internal parasite free. It is a simple test and the results are available within 10 – 15 minutes.

What is fecal parasite screen?

The fecal parasite screen is a simple test to check for internal parasites.

What does a fecal parasite screen reveal?

The fecal parasite screen reveals if your cat is infected with intestinal parasites, such as roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm.

How is a fecal parasite screen done?

The fecal parasite screen requires a small sample of fresh stool from your cat. A visual check is done on the stool because tapeworm segments can be seen in the stool. Once the visual check is done, a small amount of the fresh stool is mixed with a liquid solution which allows any parasite eggs to float to the top. A coverslip is applied to the top of the mixture and the eggs stick to the coverslip. The coverslip is transferred to a microscope slide and examined under the microscope because the eggs are not visible to the naked eye.

Cat stool sample instructions?

Ideally, the stool should be less than 12 hours old. We recommend cleaning the litter box the night before your appointment and collect any stool that your cat has provided overnight when you get up in the morning. The stool should be put in a sealed container (i.e. ziplock bag) and kept in the refrigerator until just before your appointment.

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