Behavioural Counseling

Helping pet owners address problematic behaviours in their companions.

Behavioural problems are very common in dogs and can be frustrating for both the pet owner and the dog. Some problems can be fixed easily (house training issues, lack of exercise issues) as long as they are identified early, and a plan of action is formed and followed by the owner. Other behaviour problems require a committed owner working in conjunction with their veterinarian and dog trainer. More serious behaviour issues require more specialized assistance with the help of a veterinary behavioural specialist.

What happens at the consultation?

The first step with any behaviour issue is to speak with your veterinarian about the problem. The veterinarian will assess the situation and decide initial steps to a behaviour modification plan. This may involve a change in the daily activities, or the recommendation to work with a knowledgeable experienced dog trainer, or the addition of medications, or some combination of all of these things. Some behaviour issues require assessment by a veterinarian who specializes in behaviour issues. As always, the first step is to speak with your local veterinarian about the problem.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of consultation?

Pet insurance policies are quite variable so that depends on the type of coverage you have purchased. If you have questions about pet insurance and behaviour issues, you should review the paperwork provided by the insurance company or contact the insurance company directly about your question.

What to expect after the consultation?

Once a behaviour modification plan has been decided, it is very important to stay in contact with our hospital. Communication is critical to achieving the desired effect of the modification plan. Regular updates will help us monitor and assess how well the dog is responding to the plan.

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