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Saying Goodbye

It is never easy to say goodbye to your family pet. And being part of the staff at a vet clinic, you would think it would be easier for us because we deal with it every day, but it’s not.

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A Mattie Minute- Winter Tips

I was recently forced to put on a Halloween costume, so I know that cold weather is just around the corner. I’m an indoor cat who prefers to lounge by the fireplace, so the thought of snow makes my whiskers tremble with disgust. My feline friends should stay indoors (unless they are on leash with […]

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20 Years – A Senior Cat Tale

The hospital is focusing on senior pets this month and I thought I would write about my own personal experience as a senior pet owner.

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A Mattie Minute; Insuring Health

My clinic was providing after-hours emergency veterinary care for the City of Greater Sudbury during a recent weekend in September and the number of emergency cases that came in astonished me right out of my napping time! Out of a large number of patients brought in for critically needed veterinary attention, less than a handful […]

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A Mattie Minute – The Royal Canin Tour

Recently Shanon (my favourite person – only because she feeds me) and Anne went on a tour of the Royal Canin Veterinary Diets food manufacturing facility. They were both impressed with the level of cleanliness of the facility. They said the place barely even had a dust! I might have enjoyed some dust if I […]

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