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When Pets Get the Munchies

Marijuana use is on the rise, and the number of people partaking in the use of marijuana will continue to rise as its use becomes legal in Canada in July 2018.

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Whining About Lyme

Ticks have been in the news lately, so this blog is going to address the possible issues associated with ticks bites and our canine friends. Lyme disease was first noted in the 1970’s and got its name because the first few cases occurred in Lyme, Connecticut.

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Fleas Bug Us

April is here, and warmer weather is on the horizon. The warmer weather brings a nice break from the cold, darker days of winter but it also brings those pesky parasites that our pets hate – the flea. Fleas are tiny bugs that strike fear into the hearts of anyone who’s had a pet with […]

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Don’t Get Ticked!

The last few days of February were warmer than usual in Sudbury this year and it got us thinking about ticks. It seems hard to believe that you should be thinking about ticks in February but ticks can start questing when the temperature is 4°C. Questing is a term used to describe a behaviour that […]

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Canine Super Smile

February is National Dental Health month and the perfect time to discuss your dog’s oral hygiene.

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